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Drug Addiction Symptoms and Signs

Addiction to drugs, whether legal or illegal, causes various behavioral, social and health changes as the addict needs to obtain larger and larger quantities of the drugs or drugs to which he or she is addicted in order to satisfy increasing physical and psychological drug dependence. The stereotype of an emaciated, exhausted drug addict who resorts to violent crime in order to obtain drugs is often very far from the real picture that an addict presents, but nevertheless there are clear signs and symptoms to look for in cases of drug addiction.

Self-Detection of Drug Abuse Symptoms

drug abuseA patient who is using narcotics or other addictive drugs for medical purposes, or a person who uses illegal drugs on a recreational basis, may actually realize that he or she has developed a physical or psychological addiction to one or more drugs. A user sometimes becomes aware of his or her own addiction after engaging in dangerous behavior to obtain drugs, or after he or she realizes the need for greater and greater doses of drugs in order to get the feeling or results that the drug once produced at lower doses. A drug user who recognizes that he or she is stealing or otherwise acting dishonestly in order to obtain drugs or money to purchase them is also becoming aware that he or she indeed has an addiction problem. If you feel that you cannot get through the day without taking drugs, or you are risking the loss of your job or an important relationship because you are stealing money or committing fraud in order to obtain drugs, please call us now at 1-888-803-9961 or please fill out our contact form to find out how our rehabilitation services can help you rebuild your life.

Detecting Drug Abuse in Others

When a person changes radically in appearance, due to sudden weight loss or gain or other physical side effects of drugs, this can be a sign of drug addiction. Loss of interest in everyday activities, or poor work performance and unreliability, combined with other known signs of addiction such as sudden withdrawal from personal relationships, are also often signs of drug addiction. If these symptoms present themselves in someone who is known to be using legal medication that is known to be addictive, they are almost sure signs that the patient has begun to abuse the drug, either by using overly large doses of it or by ingesting it in methods that are not prescribed for medical purposes. If someone who is at risk for illegal drug abuse, such as a college student or someone who has recently undergone a severe personal loss or disappointment, shows any of these symptoms, the possibility that the person has become addicted to drugs should be investigated.

Specific physical signs of drug abuse, other than changes in weight or general appearance, include red eyes, skin inflammation, memory loss, confusion, red eyes and cardiac symptoms including an increased heart rate. The last symptom can be very dangerous and require immediate medical intervention to prevent disabling or even fatal heart damage.

If your loved ones or colleagues exhibit any of the physical or psychological symptoms of drug abuse, please call us at 1-888-803-9961 or fill out our contact form so that we can present our rehabilitation services that help people who suffer from legal and illegal drug addiction and its effects.

Withdrawal Symptoms and Other Severe Medical Issues

Drug and Alcohol Tolerance vs. Dependence

drug tolerance Drug and alcohol tolerance occurs when an individual’s body gets used to the presence of specific amounts of drugs or alcohol and responds or adapts accordingly. A person develops a high tolerance for drugs and alcohol when they use these substances excessively. Tolerance can develop after a person becomes physically addicted to drugs or alcohol, or tolerance can lead to addiction.

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Abuse of drugs can lead to other, severe problems besides cardiac complications. Brain damage is a common complication of drug addiction, as the drugs used alter the chemistry of the brain and cause various neurotransmitters to send out improper signals that transmit garbled messages to the brain and the rest of the body. When an addict suddenly stops using drugs, transmitters and receptors can react very sharply to the absence of the substance that was controlling their actions, and unpleasant and even dangerous withdrawal symptoms can result. An addict often seeks emergency medical assistance to help relieve these symptoms if he or she is no longer willing or able to obtain the substance that he or she had been abusing. Some symptoms, such as convulsions and psychotic behavior, can present a danger to the addict and to those around the addict, so that a loved one, colleague or even a bystander is the one who calls for emergency assistance. Sometimes, it is only when a drug-related emergency occurs that an addict or those close to an addict realize just how serious a problem the addict has developed.

Please call 1-888-803-9961 or fill out our contact form if you or your loved one has recently been treated for any medical emergency caused by drug abuse. Our rehabilitation services can help you make sure that you or the person you care about is restored to full physical and inner health.